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This site is no longer being maintained or updated, except for Civil War Reenactor links. I am leaving the materials posted for historical and informational purposes.

For about 4 years, back in the late 1990s, I was the first WebMaster for Manassas National Battlefield Park, in Northern Virginia. This site contains some of my web pages from Manassas as well as a number of other historic sites which I have developed over the years but are no longer available elsewhere.

Please understand that I did not write the text on most of these pages and I am not an expert on these subjects. I post these pages for your benefit

You may use the text and photos from this site, with credit, but will have to do your own research. Please do not contact me with questions about the battles or add me to your distribution lists. Contact the Park or relevant orginizations instead.

We cannot judge past events solely by the standards of today.
In order to understand history, we MUST consider the attitudes and beliefs of the time.

Frank Harrell, 1998
It is impossible to teach a subject, without imposing upon the student, at least some of the biases and opinions of the instructor.
Frank Harrell, 2003
05-03-12 Manassas Battlefield Civil War
01-25-20 Brenstville Courthouse historric stie
01-25-20 Chapman's Mill AKA Beverly Mill
04-17-13 Newspaper Article on my volunteer work
02-24-16 Civil War Reenacter websites
08-06-02 Ben Lomond Mannor House
08-06-02 Antique Rose Garden Ben Lomond
08-01-00 Historic buildings of Clifton VA.

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