Brentsville Factoids

The Friends Of Brentsville Historic Centre

Last update Oct 28, 2004

  • Part of the Brent Town Grant of 1686/7 was made by King James II of England.
  • Native Americans made their way from the mountains to the Potomac via paths/trails through the area.
  • This land was first surveyed in 1737.
  • The Native Americans and/or settlers used Broad Run as an early means of transportation.
  • The Commonwealth of Virginia confiscated the land in 1779 after the Revolutionary War because British supporters owned it.
  • Land was rented by VA from 1779-1820 and was heavily farmed and timbered.
  • Thomas Jefferson used the road on his inaugural route from Monticello to Washington.
  • The six-acre site for Courthouse and Tavern Lots was decided by the General Assembly in 1820.
  • Courthouse, Jail and Clerk of Court's office were built in 1821 and opened in 1822.
  • The town of Brentsville was first platted in 1822.
  • Adjacent former tavern was built somewhere around 1822-24.
  • Bristow Road originally was a toll road.
  • Confederate soldiers were recruited on the Courthouse Lot.
  • Union soldiers raided Brentsville for building materials and raised the Union Flag over the Courthouse in 1862.
  • Historic papers bearing the signatures of John Jay, Lord Fairfax, and George Washington were lost/taken from the Clerk's office during the Civil War.
  • Several buildings within the town have survived the Civil War and are still in use today.
  • First Board of County Supervisors convened their meetings in the Courthouse in 1870.
  • Brentsville Union Church was built about 1874 and has been vacant since the 1960's.
  • Brentsville School was built in 1929 - one of only a few 1-room schools remaining. It is believed to be on the site of the original Clerk of the Court's office.