Preserving For The Future
A Community Commitment

The Friends Of Brentsville Historic Centre

Last update Apr 19, 2004

Although the community-at-large has been generous in supporting this project, the Brentsville Historic Trust is a long way from achieving our goal of total restoration of the six structures which today comprise the Brentsville Historic Centre: 1822 Courthouse and Jail, 1872 Brentsville Union Church, 1928 Brentsville One Room School house, smokehouse and the newly acquired early 19th century log cabin, donated and moved to the site by Coscan Brookfield Homes. Land upon which an 1820 brick tavern with 22 rooms once stood was purchased by Prince William County in 1999. This acreage has been added to the Brentsville Historic Centre.

Funds to restore the Courthouse alone (without interior furnishings) are estimated to be $1,000,000. Virginia state and federal grants already appropriated have enabled the Brentsville 1 Historic Centre Trust to develop a proposed Master Plan and to commission a Phase One archaeological study of the entire 24 acre site. This fall, the Trust has completed repair of the Courthouse cupola, installation of an HVAC system, repointing of masonry and stabilization of the Brentsville Union Church, which was literally in danger of collapse.

On September 28th, 2002, we will celebrate the 180th Anniversary of the Brentsville Courthouse in the geographic center of Prince William County. What will the Brentsville Historic Centre be like in the 21st century? The answer, quite frankly, depends upon financial support from the community-at-large. Which businesses, corporations, grants and individual citizens will choose to invest in the restoration and preservation of this 19th century site?

The following businesses, non-profit organizations and corporations have generously supported the Brentsville Historic Centre in the past year:
  • Mike Garcia Construction
  • Burgess & Niple
  • B. G. Sowder
  • Potomac News
  • Manassas Journal Messenger
  • Dominion Semiconductor
  • Falcon Communications Solutions, Inc.
  • Gregory Construction
  • The Taste Bud
  • Barnes & Noble
  • Coscan Brookfield Homes
  • Utron, Incorporated
  • Norman Realty
  • Supervisor L. Ben Thompson
  • L. Ross Leith
  • Compton & Duling
  • PWC Board of County Supervisors
  • The Manassas Museum System
  • Brentsville Historic Centre Trust
  • PWC Park Authority
  • Virginia Department of Transportation
  • U.S. Marine Corps, Quantico
  • PWC Visitors & Conference Bureau
  • Lake Jackson Volunteer Fire Department
  • PWC Police Department
  • PWC Sheriff's Department
  • Mike Garcia
  • Prince William Farm Tour
  • Wise Publishing
  • Mosby Heritage Area
  • Sunrise Site Development Corporation
  • Kustom Kastles
  • Checkers
  • Don Beyer Auto
  • Hatcher's Memorial Baptist Church
  • Brentsville Presbyterian Church
  • Frank Harrell
  • Betty Machen
  • Sandy Morris-Flynn
  • Nokesville Ruritan Club
  • Sue Webb
  • Wayne Broadwater
  • Harvey Simon, Friends of Manassas Nat'l. Battlefield
  • PWC Communications Department
  • Phil Campbell
  • Larry Rollins
  • Suzanne Curran, PWC Genealogical Society
  • Ron Turner, PWC Historical Commission
  • Linda Caldwell, The Coffee House of Occoquan
  • AAA Rainbow Trash
  • Paul Spencer, Australia
  • PWC Public Works Department
  • R. Jackson Ratcliffe, Incorporated
  • Alan Jinks, England
  • ABS Graphics & Advertising, Inc.
  • PWC Clean Community Council
  • PWC Litter Control Crew
  • Skippy's Trucking
  • Vulcan
Please consider what you can do to help to preserve this site for generations to come. Corporate sponsorships are available for $125.00 per year and include promotional opportunities in many of our outreach materials, like the Brentsville Journal, our monthly newsletter.