The Clifton Post Office

Since mail is not delivered door-to-door in Clifton, it is a pleasant, almost daily social occasion to walk to the post office for the mail. In the early 1900's the mail was dropped by train at the station each day. Over the years the post office has occupied quite a few different buildings. The current office is housed in what was once the town fire station. Today, the Clifton Post Office boasts a thriving business with three full time employees. Inside, the locals check the bulletin board to see what's doing with the Mayor and Town Council. In 1920 when the town post office was housed at Buckley's Store, an incident occurred that coused quite a sensation. A thief broke in on a weekend, filling his pockets with small change and stamps. When he climbed out the window, he fell and died. His body was discovered on Monday, and since no one knew his idenity, the townspeople took up a donation and gave him a $25 funeral.

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