Chapman's Mill

On October 23, 1998, the day after the mill was badly damaged by an arsonist, I posted some photos of the fire and remains on the website of the nearby Manassas National Battlefield Park, which I was then webmaster for. On October 3, 2003, I created this site for the Turn The Mill Around Campaign. I managed the site until April 2011, when I moved away from the area, turning the site over to the Campaign. In January 2020, I noticed that the mill's website was no longer active, so have decided to post this site for the historical information contained within. I have updated a few pages to remove some expired content but left the bulk of materials as it appeared when I turned the site over to the Campaign.

Please do not contact me with questions about the mill. Refer to their Facebook page instead.

Also known as Beverly Mill


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Future of Chapman's Mill

On October 22, l998, Chapman's Mill was tragically vandalized and gutted by fire. Soon afterwards, Turn The Mill Around Campaign, a 501(c)(3) tax exempt operating foundation, obtained ownership of the property and has begun the steps necessary to stabilize the walls of the mill. The goals of this non-profit organization are to preserve the structure of the mill, to provide public access, to develop an interpretive program of the history and significance of the mill and Thoroughfare Gap, and to raise the funds needed to carry out these goals.

Plans call for pedestrian pathways around the mill and along the head race providing views of the millpond, flume, sluice gate, forebay, 29 foot wheel and tail race. In addition, visitors will be able to enter the mill to gain a greater appreciation of the enormity of the mill and the beauty of the stone work. Interpretive signs will explain the milling process and the impact of the industrial site on the evolving economy of the area. The old stone mill store will be restored and used as a kiosk interpreting the history of Thoroughfare Gap.

Chapman's Mill is listed on...
  • The Repository of the history of national events and national trends
  • The Virginia Landmarks Register designation
  • The National Register of Historic Places designation
  • The Virginia Civil War Trails sites

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