Centreville Virginia

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It should be remembered that during the Civil War photography was still a fairly new technology. To make a single shot was a long and complicated process involving the photographer having to create the emulation on large glass plates of 8 by 10 inches or larger. While still wet, the plate had to be exposed then developed within a few minutes. Repeating a shot because of bad exposure or because someone moved was a major task.
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March 1862 Photo from Brady Collection of Confederate entrenchment's and fortifications at Centreville VA. Gardner #5(CN-5161) Barnard & Gibson.
March 1862 Same location as in 56 above. Apparently the photographer decided he didn't like the above photo so he shot a second picture with slightly different exposure and camera leveling.
March 1862 Photo of Confederate fortifications at Centreville (Heights of Centreville). Similar view as in 52. Appear to be Union troops in foreground. Note fortifications outlined against the horizon
March 1862 Confederate fortifications at Centreville with soldiers in foreground (some mounted)
March 1862 Stone Church in Centreville. Just to the right of the church at the top of the hill, you can make out one of the Confederate fortifications just to the right of the church. By Barnard and Gibson
Then and Now
March 1862 Stone Church in Centreville. By Barnard and Gibson
March 1862 Centreville looking west.
March 1862 Union troops (platoon with standard bearer) at abandoned Confederate camp in Centreville.
March 1862 same location and unit as in 59 but with camp huts clearly in background and standard bearer in center background
March 1862 interior of Confederate fortification with 'Quaker guns' at Centreville with camp huts in background. Union troops in various poses in fortification.

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