The Old Museum at Manassas

The Park Dedication Plaque

Located in the Visitor Center Lobby

The surrounding land, containing approximately 128 acres, locally known as the "Henry Farm" and sometimes referred to as the "Henry House Hill" was conveyed to the Manassas Battlefield Confederate Park INC., in 1922 and the funds for its purchase where raised under the auspices of The Manassas Battlefield Confederate Park INC., and the general organization of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

This property was donated to the United States Government by The Manassas Battlefield Confedrate Park INC., and the Sons of Confederate Veterans by deed dated March 19, 1938 as an everlasting memorial to the soldiers of the blue and gray who so valiantly fought in the two battles known as The First and Second Battles of Manassas July 21, 1861 and August 29-30, 1862.

Officers and directors of The Manassas Battlefield Confederate Park INC.
John Warwick Rust, President, Fairfax, Virginia.
Joseph Roy Price, Secretary - Treasurer, Shreveport, Louisiana.
Walter Lee Hopkins, Richmond, Virginia.

Former Directors of The Manassas Battlefield Confederate Park INC.
E. W. R. Ewing, Ballston, Virginia.
Westwood Hutchison, Manassas, Virginia.
Clarence J. Owens, Washington, D. C.
Willam McDonald Lee, Irvington, Virginia.
Rufus J. Pearson, Washington, D. C.
F. R. Fravel, Ballston, Virginia.

Officers of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.
Thomas Gilbert Wood, Commander - in - Chief, Roanoke, Virginia.
Walter Lee Hopkins, Adjutant - In - Chief, Richmond, Virginia.
John Ashley Jones, Executive Council, Atlanta, Georgia.
M. A. Robinson, Executive Council, New York City.
Baylis M. Earle, Executive Council, Greenville, South Carolina.
MC Whorter Milner, Executive Council, Atlanta, Georgia.
Clifton Ratliff, Executive Council, Oklahoma city, Oklahoma.
Edmund Richardson Wiles, Executive Council, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Erected By
The United States Department Of The Interior
National Park Service
The 21st Day of July, 1942

Personal possions The 3rd Battle of Manassas