The Old Museum at Manassas

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Jul 13, 2005

Quarters and Rations

If he had shelter at all, a soldier slept in a tent in summer and a log cabin or a wood and fabric hut in winter.

Confederate troops built and used these quarters during the winter of 1861-1862.

Silbey tents were designed to house a dozen men. Soldiers slept with their feet to the center and their heads toward the wall.

Rations varied in quality and quantity throughout the war. Soldiers in both armies experienced periods of plenty and periods of near starvation.

This knife and fork belonged to a Union soldier.

Coffee was one of the most cherished items in a soldier's ration. Union troops usually had a good supply, but Confederate supplies slackened after 1861.

Soldiers broke apart canteens to make skillets and plates.

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