The Old Museum at Manassas

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Jul 13, 2005

Soldiers' uniforms at Manassas were anything but uniform - about two hundred different kinds appeared on the battlefield. This great variety of uniforms compounded the confusion of battle.

At a climactic moment late in the fight, Union artillery chief Barry mistook Confederates for Union supports. "Hold your fire," he ordered battery commander Griffin. Griffin held against his better judgement, and the Confederates charged and captured his battery.
These figures illustrate the soldier's problem of identifying friend from foe.
Can you tell Rebel from Yank?

Private, Company C. 2nd Regiment, Rhode Island Volunteer Infantry Sergeant, 14th Regiment New York State Militia First Sergeant, 2nd U.S. Infantry Private, Rockbridge Artillery, Rockbridge County, Virginia Private, Company B. Tiger Rifles, 1st Special Battalion (Wheat's), Louisiana Infantry Private, 2nd Regiment New Hampshire Volunteer Militia Private, Company I, 1st U.S. Artillery Private, Company F, Huntsville Guard, 4th Regiment of Alabama Volunteers Private, Battalion of Washington Artillery, New Orleans Private, Company H, Caswell Boys, 6th North Carolina Regiment

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