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Lieutenant General Richard Herron Anderson

(U.S.M.A. 1842) was born in South Carolina, October 27, 1821, and served with distinction in the Mexican War. He resigned from the army in March, 1861, to enter the Confederate service. As Colonel, he commanded the First South Carolina Infantry in the attack on Fort Sumter, and became Brigadier General in July, 1861. He destroyed a Union camp near Pensacola, in October, and in February, 1862, was assigned to a brigade in Longstreet's Division in the Department of Northern Virginia. This he led with great distinction through the Peninsula campaign, being made Major General in July, 1862. He had a division in the First Corps, Army of Northern Virginia, at Second Bull Run and after. At Antietam, he was severely wounded, but he fought at Fredericksburg and Chancellorsville, and at Gettysburg he was in the Third Army Corps. After the wounding of Longstreet, in the battle of the Wilderness, Anderson was given command of the First Army Corps, receiving the appointment of Lieutenant General on June 1, 1864. In August, he was sent with an infantry division, one of cavalry, and a battalion of artillery to the assistance of Lieutenant General Early in the Shenandoah, remaining there about a month. After the return of Longstreet to his corps, Anderson's Corps, consisting of two divisions, was organized with Lieutenant General Anderson at its head. He died at Beaufort, South Carolina, June 26, 1879.

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Jul 13, 2005