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Braxton Bragg

Braxton bragg was born in Warrenton, North Carolina, March 22, 1817 and was a graduate of West Point in the class of 1837. He fought against the Seminoles and in the war with Mexico. On March 7, 1861 he was appointed a brigadier general in the Provisional Confederate Army, and assigned to command the coast from Pensacola to Mobile. In June, 1862 he replaced Beauregard as commander of the Army of Tennessee. His major success with the army was his victory at Chickamauga, in 1863, however the following siege of Chattanooga was unsuccessful, and he was forced by U.S. Grant to withdraw into Georgia. As a favorite of President Davis, he was placed in charge of the conduct of the military operations of the Confederacy. After Lee's appointment as General in Chief, Bragg saw service in North Carolina under Joseph Johnston. He died on September 27, 1876 and was buried in Mobile, Alabama.
Source: "Generals in Gray" Warner, Ezra J.

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