G. James Connor G. John W. Geary G. John B. Magruder G. Robert D. Lilley G. P.G.T. Geauregard G. Lewis Wallace G. Henry A. Wise G. Joseph L. Brent
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Blacque Bey G. Robert E. Lee George Peabody W. W. Corcoran James Lyons

By great good fortune this unique photograph, taken at White Sulphur Springs, Virginia, in August, 1869, was preserved more than forty years by a Confederate veteran of Richmond, Mr. James Blair. Such a fraternal gathering could have been paralleled after no other great war in history. For in this neighborly group, side by side, are bitter foemen of not five years past. Near the unmistakable figure of Lee stands Lew Wallace, the commander who in 1864 had opposed Lee's lieutenant. Early at the Monocacy; the division leader who at Shiloh, first grand battle of the war, had fired on the lines in gray commanded by the dashing Confederate general who now touches him on the right -Beauregard. To the left stand Connor and Geary, formerly generals of opposing forces in the Carolinas. There is the tall "Prince John" Magruder, the venerable Henry A. Wise, and other one-time leaders of the Gray. And for a further touch of good citizenship, there is added the distinguished presence of George Peabody of Massachusetts, and W. W. Corcoran of Washington philanthropists of the noblest type, but not alone in this group "as having helped their fellow men."
Photo and text from "Photographic History of the Civil War" 1911

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