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Joseph Eggleston Johnston

Johnston was born on February 3, 1807 in Farmville, Virginia. He graduated from West Point, and served in both the Seminole and Mexican Wars, and earned numerous brevets. In April,1861 he resigned his position as quartermaster general in the United States Army, and in May 1861, was commissioned as a Brigadier in the Regular Army of the Confederate States of America. He immediately took command of Confederate troops at Harpers Ferry, where he was called upon to bring his troops to General P.G.T. Beauregard's assistance at the Manassas junction. For his accomplishments at First Manassas he was awarded full general, and given command of the Army of Northern Virginia. His wounding at Seven Pines in May 1862 during the Peninsular campaign forced his removal from command of the Army of Northern Virginia, whereupon General Robert E. Lee was given command of the Army. Following his recovery, Johnston was placed in charge of the Department of the West. While serving in the Western theatre General Johnston's relations with President Jefferson Davis grew even more strained than before. Shortly after taking command of the Army of Tennessee, from General Braxton Bragg, President Davis relieved Johnston of command of the Army of Tennessee, replacing him with John B. Hood on July 17, 1864. Not until February 1865 did Johnston see active service again, when assigned by General Lee to halt General W.T. Sherman's march north from Georgia. Following General Lee's sample, Johnston would surrender his army to General Sherman on April 26, 1865. From 1879 to 1881 he represented Virginia in the U.S. House of Representatives. General Joe Johnston died March 21, 1891 from what was rumored to be a cold contracted while marching in General Sherman's funeral procession.
Source: "Generals in Gray." Warner, Ezra J.

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