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George Meade

Meade was born December 31, 1815, in Cadiz, Spain. He graduated from West Point in 1835. From 1842 to 1861, he worked in the army as military engineer. After the Civil War began, he was promoted brigadier general and given command of a Pennslyvania Brigade. After working on the Washington defenses, Meade joined McClellan on the Peninsula in June 1862. He was wounded at Glendale, but recovered in time to participate in Second Manassas. At Antietam and Fredericksburg he commanded a division. After Fredericksburg he commanded the V Corps which he led at Chancelorsville. Following General Hooker's defeat, Meade was given command of the Army of the Potomac. Despite his victory at Gettysburg, Meade was criticised for allowing Lee's army to escape back south. When U.S. Grant was apponted general-in-chief, Meade remained in command of the Army of the Potomac, although Grant dictated the strategy. George Meade was promoted to major general near the end of the war.
Source: "Generals in Blue." Warner, Ezra J.

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