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John Pope

Pope was born in Louisville, Kentucky on March 16, 1822 and graduated from West Point in 1842. He was made a brigadier general of volunteers at the beginning of the Civil War. His early war service was successful, as he opened the Mississippi River almost to Memphis by capturing Madrid and Island No. 10 in March and April, 1862. In June 1862 Pope was given command of all the forces in the East except for those under McClellan on the Peninsula. In August, 1862, Pope's new Army of Virginia was outflanked and defeated by Jackson, Lee and Longstreet at the Second Battle of Manassas. Following the defeat, Pope was removed from command and replaced by McClellan. John Pope was transferred to the Department of the Northwest where he served during the Sioux uprising in Minnesota. He died in Sandusky, Ohio on September 23, 1892.
Source: "Generals in Blue." Warner, Ezra J.

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