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Civil War reenacting units

Frist posted Dec 2000
Last update Apr 30, 2015

I was browsing through various Civil War WebRings in late 2000, when it dawned on me that I saw no "links to reenactment group" pages which were organized by the company the group represents. So here is my attempt to give you the option of surfing the nations, both USA and CSA. If you find sites you would like to see here, please e-mail me with their address.
It doesn't have to be your site, it just has to be the site of a Reenacting Group.
Sorry, no commerical sites.

I will no longer post links to sites that...

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Confederate States

Alabama Arkansas Florida Georgia Kentucky Louisiana Maryland Mississippi Missouri NorthCarolina SouthCarolina Tennessee Texas Virginia
Last update Jan 21, 2016

Union States

Connecticut Illinois Indiana Iowa Kansas Kentucky Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota Missouri Nebraska NewJersey NewYork Ohio Pennsylvania RhodeIsland US Vermont WestVirginia Wisconsin
Last update Nov 9, 2015


Other reenactment groups not representing specific units
Last update Mar 14, 2013

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