Civil War reenacting units
Union Companies

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Apr 9, 2018

added Alabama Companies
07-21-05 1st Alabama Cavalry, Untied States Volunteers,
Yes this is in the right place, go to their site and read the history
Connecticut Companies
02-16-12 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Co. F
11-14-06 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Co. G
Illinois Companies
04-29-08 1st Brigade, Illinois Volunteers Represents several companies
04-13-05 2nd Illinois Light Artillery Battery G
06-22-05 8th Illinois Cavalry
07-18-05 10th Illinois Infantry
08-14-01 12th Illinois Cavalry Company F
03-12-02 33rd Illinois Volunteer Regiment Band
07-18-05 44th Illinois
11-21-05 45th Illinois company C also 5th Georgia Company C
09-05-12 64th Illinois Sharpshooters Yates Sharpshooters
07-18-05 64th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Company E Yates Sharp Shooters
01-09-04 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Company H
Indiana Companies
04-28-14 6th Indiana Company B Vernon Grays
  Iowa Companies
05-07-10 3rd Iowa Cavalry Company D
05-13-07 3rd Iowa Light Field Artillery Army of the Southwest
05-13-07 4th Iowa Volunteer Infantry Army of the Southwest
05-13-07 7th Iowa Cavalry Army of the Southwest
  Kansas Companies
  Kentucky Companies
10-04-03 7th Kentucky, Company A Volunteer Infantry
01-18-12 8th Kentucky Infantry US & CSA
05-13-07 9th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry Army of the Southwest
Maine Companies
04-07-05 1st Maine CavalryOne of the oldest, active, organizations in the hobby since 1959
02-24-16 3rd Maine Infantry Company F
09-05-12 20th Maine Company A
03-16-03 20th Regiment Maine Volunteer Infantry Company H
Maryland US Companies
07-13-09 1st Maryland Cavalry, Co A The Cascade Civil War Society (located in Oregon)
01-06-08 1st Maryland Volunteer Infantry US
01-15-12 7th Maryland Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company A
Massachusetts Companies
03-23-16 22th Mass. USSC Volunteer InfantryBoston Branch
07-18-05 28th Mass. Volunteer InfantryCompany B
07-18-05 28th Mass. Volunteer Infantry Company KMayhew Guards
Michigan Companys
04-12-01 1st Michigan Cavalry
05-03-12 1st Michigan Engineers and Mechanics Co E.
03-16-03 1st Michigan Light Artillery Battery D
03-12-02 4th Michigan Infantry Regiment 1861 - 1864
06-22-11 7th Michigan Volunteer Infantry, Company B The Curtenius Guards
12-11-06 Bradys Michigan Sharpshooters Based in Maryland and Virginia
Minnesota Companies
04-05-08 2nd Minnesota Light Artillery
11-21-05 2nd Minnesota Volunteers Regiment Company A
Missouri Companies
08-19-11 8th Missouri Infantry Regiment USA
Nebraska Companys
New Hampshire Companies
New Jersey Companies
03-05-14 3rd New Jersey Vol. Infantry
07-13-02 6th New Jersey Vol. Infantry And 23rd North Carolina Vol. Infantry.
02-08-11 12th New Jersey Volunteer Infantry Company K
11-09-15 27th Regiment New Jersey Volunteers Company F Bailey's Boys
New York Companies
02-19-10 1st New York Light Artillery Reynolds' Battery L
11-25-05 14th Regiment New York State Militia 14th Brooklyn
04-12-01 44th New York Company D Ellsworth's Avengers (& 2nd Co E NY Zouaves)
04-12-01 69th New York State Volunteers Company A The Fighting 69th
11-21-05 76th New York Volunteer Infantry Company H
11-20-05 119th New York Volunteers
12-10-02 123rd New York Volunteer Infantry Company D
Ohio Companies
04-16-14 1st Ohio Statehouse Light Artillery Battery A
06-29-05 1st Ohio Volunteer Cavalry Company D
11-21-05 6th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company A
10-03-08 8th Ohio Volunteer Infantry Company B OVI
02-11-07 14th Ohio Volunteer Infantry also 3rd Arkansas
11-20-05 48th Ohio Veteran Vol Infantry Regiment
04-13-01 81st Ohio Volunteer Infantry Morton's Independent Rifle Regiment
Pennsylvania Companies
03-10-04 10th Pa. Reserve Volunteers Company G Mercer Rifles
11-20-05 17th Pa. Volunteer Cavalry Company F Remount Comapny
04-09-18 69th Pennsylvania Irish Volunteers
12-30-14 93rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry
05-03-11 31st Pennsylvania Representing multable units
11-20-05 53rd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company C
05-19-10 71st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company B Southern California
03-15-12 87th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company C
11-21-05 97th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Company A
04-12-01 97th Pa. Volunteer Infantry Regiment Co. B Chester County Greys
09-05-05 104th Pa. Volunteer Infantry McClellan Rangers + Fife & Drum Corps
04-11-02 116th Pa. Volunteer Infantry Company B
11-21-05 140th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Reenactors
03-02-12 151st Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry Co D
Rhode Island Companies
Texas Companies
US Companies
02-08-12 US Engineer Battalion Company A Corps of Engineers
10-07-14 1st USSS Company HBerdan's Sharpshooters
07-13-09 1st US Cavalry Compnay AThe Cascade Civil War Society (located in Oregon)
11-21-05 2nd US Cavalry Compnay A also 9th VA Cav. Co D
10-10-11 2nd & 4th U.S. Infantry Sykes' Regulars
11-21-05 3rd US Artillery Battery E
01-08-03 3rd U.S. Infantry The Regulars, Buffsticks (requires Flash player)
07-13-09 4th US Artillery Battery BThe Cascade Civil War Society (located in Oregon)
06-27-01 5th US Regulars, Battery D West Point Bty, also 5th US Artillery Reg
11-16-01 12th US Infantry Co. A A member of the United States Volunteers
12-01-17 135th US Colored Troops (SUCT) Originally formed in Goldsboro, NC
Vermont Companies
05-29-15 7th Infantry Regiment Company D Walton Guard
West Virginia Companies
02-22-14 1st Regiment West Virginia Cavalry inc.
Wisconsin Companies
01-20-01 2nd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry Association inc

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