Too Few Trains

The Reinforcement of P. G. T. Beauregard at First Manassas

By Charles T. Harrell © 1999
reprinted by permission of the author


I firmly believe that my love of history stemmed from my father's story telling during Sunday joy rides in and around the Manassas Battlefield area. His abilities to arouse my interest as a child blossomed into a love of history which continues to affect my mind and life to this day. Thus I dedicate this manuscript to him, Alfred Franklin Harrell, Jr., who was an avid amateur history buff, photographer, and railroad enthusiast. Additionally, the enthusiasm expressed by my young son, Javan Higby Harrell encouraged me to accomplish this task in the name of railroading, as so many young minds become obsessed with trains his was contagious. Also, much can be attributed to my wonderful wife, Rhonda S. Higby Harrell for the hundreds of hours she endured my whims and indecision during the writing of this manuscript. Finally, I must acknowledge my college mentor, Charles P. Poland Jr. of NVCC for his guidance when I was a young man and for seeing me through my maturing into a civil war historian.

Charles T. Harrell

Woodford VA

August 7, 1999