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Irvin McDowell

McDowell was born October 15, 1818 in Columbus, Ohio. After receiving an education in France, he attended the Military Academy and graduated in 1838. During the Mexican War, McDowell's outstanding performance at Buena Vista gained him the brevet of captain. On May 14, 1861 McDowell made brigadier general through the assistance of Secretary of the Treasury Salmon P. Chase. It would be at the First Battle of Manassas where McDowell would suffer a crushing defeat against the Confederate forces. After First Manassas, McDowell was replaced by General George B. McClellan. He served in various commands including General John Pope's III Corps at the Second Battle of Manassas in 1862. This time at Manassas, McDowell not only faced defeat once again, but he was held directly responsible for the Union failure. Two years after being cleared of these accusations McDowell was given command of the Department of the Pacific on July 1, 1864. He remained in this post until his retirement in 1882. On May 4, 1885 he died in San Francisco and would be buried at the Presidio.
Source: "Generals in Blue." Warner, Ezra J.

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