Civil War reenacting units
Confederate Companies

Last update
Dec 2, 2017

added Alabama Companies
11-21-05 19th Alabama Infantry Regiment
Arkansas Companies
06-17-05 3rd Arkansas Company A The Arkansas Travelers
02-11-07 3rd Arkansas CW Reenactors also 14th OVI
Florida Companies
05-29-15 1st Florida Infantry Regiment Company D Walton Guard
03-26-08 2nd Florida Volunteer Infantry Regiment Company D Leon Rifles
05-07-10 2nd Florida Volunteers Company E The Hammock Guards
01-21-16 2nd Florida Co F Pawnee Guard, Marines, Sailors and Infantry
03-14-13 6th Florida Infantry Regiment Company H Union Rebels
11-21-05 7th Florida Volunteer Infantry Reg. Company F Army of Tennessee
03-04-14 7th Florida Infantry Company K
07-07-04 Palmetto Battalion Organization of South Carolina Reenactors
01-21-16 The Pawnee Guard Marines, Sailors and Infantry
Georgia Companies
09-05-12 2nd Battalion Georgia Sharpshooters Company A & B
11-21-05 3rd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company G 3rd Reg.
09-26-04 4th Georgia Vol. Infantry& 2nd GA Artillery (The CSS Jackson Crew)
11-21-05 5th Georgia Company C also 45th Illinois Company C
02-20-07 21st Georgia Volunteer Infantry
12-26-05 24th Georgia Regiment Company H Currahee Rangers
12-10-02 28th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company G
11-21-05 42nd Georgia Volunteer Infantry Company B Independent Rebels
Kentucky Companies
07-21-09 1st Kentucky Volunteers Regiment Company E
05-14-03 2nd Kentucky Cavalry RegimentCompany A, Lexington Rifles
05-18-06 2nd Kentucky Cavalry Company D
07-06-08 5th Kentucky Infantry Regt. Company D-E-F The Eastern 5th "Sangdiggers"
10-30-02 7st Kentucky Inc. Volunteer Infantry
01-18-12 8th Kentucky Infantry US & CSA
10-17-04 9th Kentucky Cavalry
07-14-03 Kentucky Cavalry Brigade A group of horsemen involved in various groups
Louisiana Companies
11-26-09 14st Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Based in Poland (site in Polish)
06-27-01 19th Louisiana Volunteer Infantry Company A Vance Guards
  Maryland Companies
10-20-05 1st Maryland Cavalry Batt B Companies A E H, CSA
Mississippi Companies
Missouri Companies
07-16-01 2nd Missouri Cavalry Company B
09-09-10 4th Missouri Infantry Company E
North Carolina Companies
06-28-03 1st North Carolina Volunteers / 11th NC Troops Tar Heels
06-27-01 10th North Carolina State Troops, Battery D Reilly's Battery, also 1st Reg. NC Artillery
07-13-02 23rd North Carolina Vol. Infantry And 6th New Jersey Vol. Infantry
01-04-03 26th North Carolina Vol. Regiment Troops
South Carolina Companies
12-26-05 23rd South Carolina Infantry Palmetto Batt. Co B
Tennessee Companies
06-26-05 1st Tennessee Partisan Rangers Company H
11-20-05 1st Tennessee Infantry Regiment Company D Williamson Grays
07-11-02 10th Tennessee Volunteer Infantry Company D
01-18-12 48th Tennessee inf reg, Co E Johnsons rifles (in Swedish) (Google Translate)
11-20-05 51st Tennessee Infantry Regiment CSA
09-26-12 52nd Tennessee Infantry CSA
06-27-01 59th Tennessee Half Hoss, Half Gator
04-05-08 63rd Tennessee Volunteer Infantry CSA A member of Longstreet's Corps
09-04-05 Scotts Battery Tennessee Artillery Corps, Company B
Texas Companies
05-15-09 2nd Texas Cavalry Based in NY, NJ, CT, PA
12-06-09 3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment
12-15-14 4th Texas Company E Tje :pme Star Guard
09-05-12 4th Texas Infantry Company F Hoods Mustang Greys
11-21-05 7th Texas Cavalry
11-17-05 18th Texas Volunteer Infantry
03-09-05 37th Texas Cavalry Terrell's (Lots of stuff)
Virginia Companies
03-14-05 1st Virginia Volunteer Infantry The Old Dominion Defenders
11-01-16 4th Virginia Infantry, Company I The Liberty Hall Volunteers
04-24-16 9th Virginia Cavalry Regiment A Living History Organization in the Pacific Northwest
07-27-05 10th Virginia Company B The Rockingham Rifles
05-12-03 12th Virginia Infantry, Company B The Petersburg Grays
04-12-01 17th Virginia Infantry Regiment Company D Fairfax Rifles
01-05-05 21st Virginia Company F Jackson's Foot Cavalry
04-10-10 24th Virginia Infantry Regiment New River Rifles
04-12-01 37th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Company E Teaching History Thru Living It.
11-20-05 49th Virginia Infantry Regiment Companies A-K Extra Billy Smith's Boys
06-14-06 Barr's Battery Virtinia Light Artillery
11-22-16 The Hampton Legion Company G The Claremont Rifles

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