Civil War reenacting units
Miscellaneous groups not representing specific regiments

Last update
Mar 5, 2017

added Groups in the Northern US
10-04-03 Camp Nelson Camp Nelson Restoration and Preservation Foundation
04-11-07 Historical Timekeepers A Wisconsin group helping others to begin reenacting
Groups in the Southern US
09-05-12 Southern Nevada Living History Association
10-02-06 Civil War Buff Information on Arkansas in the CW
02-15-05 Commonwealth Battery A reenactment group based in Kentucky and surrounding area
05-15-09 1st Confederate Battalion Based in NY, NJ, CT, PA
Groups outside the US
06-01-06 American Civil War Society UK Reenacting in the UK
Groups covering all the US
03-05-17 Civil War Artifact Preservation Association
05-11-10 Coast Guard Historical Society An association dedicated to historic education
11-27-06 American Civil War Society Southern Calaforina

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