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The Old Museum at
Manassas National Battlefield Park

Last update Jul 13, 2005

This is the old museum which was originally constructed in the 1960s. In 1999 the museum was compleatly rebuilt.
I quit working for Manassas Battlefield just as I was begining to work on an updated museum page.
The information on these pages is useful and accurate, even if the exibits are out of date.
This page was originaly created on 3-31-97

The Museum on Henry Hill

The Civil War was Big and Costly

The Cantwell brothers

A gamut of human experiences

Colorful Confusion at First Manassas

Charles Norris

Corporal Francis Brownell

The Weapons of War

Personal Possessions

Park Dedication Plaque
3rd Battle of Manassas
3rd Battle of Manassas?

The missing cyclorama.
Just like Gettysburg, there was a Manassas cyclorama

Women of the Civil War

The missing cannon.
Missing from a nearby farm since the 1960s.

The Museum at Stuart's Hill Center

Photo of life in camp.

Escapes from War

The 5th New York


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